GRAY/PURPLE COVER#01(16.022.5cm) , COVER#02(23.028.5cm)


ALL BLACK COVER#01(16.022.5cm) , COVER#02(23.028.5cm)


OLIVE COVER#01(16.022.5cm) , COVER#02(23.028.5cm)



The development of GRIPDROP COVER began with the desire to protect children's feet.

When you hear the words "protect children's feet," you usually think of shoes with high cushioning and support.

GRIPDROP offers the exact opposite.

Is cushioning and support really good for children's feet (and everyone else's, not just children)?

 Through my years of selling shoes, I have noticed deformities in children's feet.

Even though they are still children, they have bunions and open toes.

According to some statistics, one out of three sixth-grade students has hallux valgus.

And few people, including adults, have all ten toes firmly planted on the ground.

This is so-called "floating toes.


How to check the floating fingers?

  • Check it in a pair of two.
    • On floating, and other solid or flat floors, open your feet to the shoulder width. Do not look down. just look at the front ,and then stand barefoot.
  • The other person puts thick papers such as business cards and jackpots between the ground and fingers from the fifth (small finger) of his feet in turn.


How was it?

Maybe most of them were the fifth (small finger) off the ground.
Some people have all their fingers floating.

This floating finger is the toe that must have caught the ground originally, . Muscle strength is gradually weakenedIt's going to be a matter.


If the muscle strength of the toe is lost, it causes Extra-rebel, flat legs, easily wearing out of legs and cooling toeIf you are so bad, you may have a good impact on your knees, waist, and shoulders.

Because the sense of balance has a direct impact, It's also a big impact on performance. 

GRIPDROP believes that the cushioning and support of shoes can weaken the foot.

In today's society, there are other factors besides shoes that weaken the feet.

These include basic lack of exercise due to the development of transportation and the Internet, as well as hard, flat ground.

In the past, humans also used walking as their basic means of transportation, and their movement was over uneven and diverse ground.

Since we cannot change the ground, what we can change to train our feet is to consciously walk or run and to change our footwear.

Of course, humans are the only animals that wear shoes.

It may sound a bit rough, but the moment you put on shoes, your feet begin to weaken.

The more cushioning and support they provide, the more likely they are to weaken.

However, it is not realistic to live in the modern world barefoot.

 So we aimed to create a shoe that feels as close to barefoot as possible.

Of course, there is almost no cushioning. We also removed as much support as possible from the heel counter and other parts of the shoe.

And just like barefoot shoes, they have a 0mm drop (meaning the height difference between the heel and forefoot is 0mm).

Hallux valgus start with "floating toes.

First of all, we would like you to aim at firmly grasping the ground with all 10 toes.

GRIPDROP COVER is a shoe that feels almost barefoot when worn, and it is very easy to feel the sensation of catching the ground with your toes.


Reference page
Izumiotsu City has launched the "Ashiyubi Project" and is working citywide.


Product Features

  1. All unnecessary things have been eliminated to achieve a feeling of being as close to barefoot as possible.
  2. The toe part is wide and toes can move freely, giving a barefoot feeling even when wearing shoes.
  3. Slip-on style with no laces. Even children can put them on by themselves.
  4. The upper is made of polyester yarn, which is durable and quick-drying. Good air permeability prevents stuffiness.
  5. Sewn without stitching and knitted 3D for an exquisite fit. Stress-free because there are no seams.
  6. The footwear opening is stretchable, making it both easy to put on and take off and reducing stress on the ankle.
  7. Manufactured by a long-established Tabi Shoes manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years.
  8. The outsole is vibram MEGAGRIP, which provides high durability and excellent grip on both dry and wet terrain.


 Ltd., a long-established Tabi Shoes manufacturer in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, founded on May 4, 1919 (Taisho 8) and celebrating its 103rd anniversary in 2022. Marugo created Tabi Shoes in 1919 by fusing textile and vulcanized rubber. Since then, the company has continued to create new values while carrying on the tradition.


COVER#01(for children)16-16.5・17-17.518-18.519-19.520-20.521-21.522-22.5(cm)

COVER#02 (for adults)23-23.5, 24-24.5, 25-25.5, 26-26.5, 27-27.5, 28-28.5cm(cm)

Sizes for this product are in increments of 1 cm. 0.5 cm adjustment is possible by attaching and detaching the insole.


Upper material: 100% polyester

Outsole material: Synthetic rubber (VIBRAM MEGAGRIP)

Color: 3 colors (Olive , All Black , Gray/Purple)

Weight per pair: 124g (25cm without insole)

Outsole (Vibram MEGAGRIP) thickness: 3.40mm

Shoe thickness (excluding insole): 5.50mm

Insole thickness: 1.90mm

Selling price:

COVER#01 / 5,940 yen (tax included)

COVER#02 / 9,900 yen (tax included)


 Country of origin: China (Marugo Corporation's own factory in Fushun)


Intended use

Daily wear for walking, light jogging, commuting, etc.


In closing

The idea had been in the works for about 10 years, but it was not until three years ago that we were finally able to begin development of the GRIPDROP COVER. At first, I was planning to make only children's shoes, but when I showed a sample to an acquaintance, he told me that he also wanted to make shoes for adults.

It is true that there are few adult shoes on the market that have the same design as children's shoes, and we thought that there must be a certain number of people who want to wear shoes with the same design as their children.

We are also excited about the possibility that these slip-on, easy-to-wear shoes might be useful in the nursing care field.

The product name "COVER" has the nuance of protecting as well as covering. We named the product "COVER" because we thought it would be suitable for shoes that cover and protect children's feet.

We hope that GRIPDROP COVER will make many people aware of the problems of modern people's feet.

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