was created with the aim of

"Train your toes."

and was inspired by the traditional Japanese footwear,

called ASHINAKA.


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Traditional footwear, ASHINAKA structure. You can train your toes just by wearing them and walking. Tabi Shoes Type with a "Hase" design. The height of the left and right ankles are different. Manufactured by a long-established Tabi Shoes manufacturer celebrating its 100th anniversary. The outsole is made of VIBRAM CITY PLUS.

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In order to strengthen the muscles of the toes, the traditional Japanese footwear, ASHINAKA, has been recreated in a modern style as room shoes that are easy to handle. First of all, it is important to acquire the habit of grasping the ground with your toes. Gently place the entire sole of your foot directly under your body as you walk.

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We want to protect children's feet." That is how the development of the GRIPDROP COVER product began. GRIPDROP COVER is a barefoot sensation even when worn. It is a shoe that makes it easy to feel the sensation of touching the ground with your toes.
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"RUN + TRAIL", a magazine specializing in treellinning.

It was introduced on the YouTube channel.