About ORIGINAL #01

(1) Japanese traditional footwear, ASHINAKA structure! Just walking on foot can train your feet

(2)Tabi type with "Hase". Unique design with different left and right ankle heights

(3) Producing old-fashioned  footwear manufacturers for the 100th anniversary of its founding. Outsole is Vibram CITYPLUS

Japan's traditions × the latest material is fused

The birth of  shoes with a completely new concept of "training your toes"

GRIPDROP was developed with ASHINAKA in hints.

ASHINAKA(Half-foot) is a kind of straw sandals, and it is said to have this name because it is small and has only half of the foot.

ASHINAKA is a traditional Japanese footwear that appears in the Kamakura period picture scroll, so it is said that it already existed 700 years ago.

The statue of Saigo Takamori  of Ueno Park also wears  ASHINAKA.

Since the Edo period, it has been widely used in farming and fishing villages for labor, and is used in the Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River  even in modern times.

It is characterized by the short length and it sticks of the soles of the feet, so that the pebbles and mud do not enter and are difficult to slip.

 ASHINAKA structure

GRIPDROP ORIGINAL#01 has a unique tabi-shaped footwear, but the biggest feature is ASHINAKA part that is built into the shoe.

You feel like ASHINAKA in your shoes.

By grip the drop naturally, it becomes a habit for the toes to catch the ground.

It is the origin of the brand name GRIPDROP

In the shoes, the feet are in such a state. (Image)

Looks a little weird Tabi shaped footwear, but this allows you to train your toes.

Comparing ASHINAKA#01 with our slippers by electromyography, we found that there are  1.5 to 2 times difference in the activity of long flexor muscle.

Have you ever heard the word "Floating fingers." ?

Recently, it has been a problem, and it has been introduced to the media a little bit.

In short, a condition where the fingers of the feet are off the ground.

There are three cause for it 

The first is there is a lack of walking due to the development of traffic networks and changes in lifestyle.

The second is that the road is all solid and flat, and the diversity of the ground is lost, and the legs that allow us to move complexly, but the their movement gets simply.

The third, shoes itself. As the performance of the shoe increases, the person's feet are weak.The legs are overprotected with excessive cushionability and support.

How to check the floating fingers?

• Check it in a pair of two.
• On floating, and other solid or flat floors, open your feet to the shoulder width. Do not look down. just look at the front ,and then stand barefoot.

• The other person puts thick papers such as business cards and jackpots between the ground and fingers from the fifth (small finger) of his feet in turn.

How was it?

Maybe most of them were the fifth (small finger) off the ground.
Some people have all their fingers floating.

This floating finger is the toe that must have caught the ground originally, . Muscle strength is gradually weakened. It's going to be a matter.

If the muscle strength of the toe is lost, it causes Extra-rebel, flat legs, easily wearing out of legs and cooling toe. If you are so bad, you may have a good impact on your knees, waist, and shoulders.

Because the sense of balance has a direct impact, It's also a big impact on performance. 

The foot is the basis of the body.If you are weak, you can easily imagine that your body will affect you.

Humans also lived barefoot until shoes were developed, and in Japan they were scattered,  and sloppy. Ashinaka and other near-naked footwear were mainstream, and it was the first time in the history of millions of years of humanity that shoes have become mainstream in the past hundred years or so.

But living barefoot in modern society is not realistic.

So,For the purpose of routinely using a tight toe while wearing shoes, GRIPDROP ORIGINAL #01 has developed.

Firstly, we aim for the condition where all fingers are on the ground in standing condition.

other structures and materials

The heel part is made of Hashi, which is used in the tabi socks. This gives a simple design and fits that is similar to tabi. It is also possible to adjust the front and rear sizes.

(VIBRAM CITY PLUS is a product of the VIBRAM SPA Vibram Italian headquarters.)


Vibram Vibram, which is demonstrated in the world in its quality in climbing shoes, uses the "City Plus" formulation, which features grips that make walking comfortable with the design of the sole adopted in addition to the best durability for street shoeing.

•The instep uses a polyester knit mesh that stretches in all directions. Although the shoes themselves are slender, this material is suitable for hallux valgus and those with wide legs.

•The upper body is made in Japan and is a traditional cotton material featuring a ridge that combines twill and plain weave. A thick and durable material woven with high density.

• Of course, there are no unnecessary cushions or excessive support capabilities.


• Asymmetric design with a high inner comb and low outer sliding like the structure of the foot, a characteristic design, but it is not completely incongruous when actually implemented.

it's a simple design, so you can use it in various scenes.

• Commuting.

• Walking.

Just put on your usual shoes.

The idea of Ashinaka SHOES GRIPDROP

GRIPDROP Developers realized through the sale of shoes that people's feet were transformed at a considerable rate, and at first they tried to solve their leg troubles by "supporting" their feet with custom insoles. If you put in an in sol, your feet will be easy and your problems will be solved, but you will be convinced that you should not be able to solve the problem at all, but that you can expand the problem (the muscle strength will weaken).

We will continue to look for ideal shoes, but I will conclude that it is best for people to live barefoot for their feet health without ideal shoes. However, in modern society, it is not realistic, so it has led to the decision to develop a "shoe that trains the toes by just putting on it".

It had taken  five years to develop and finally completed!

GRIPDROP With products, you are cheering from your feet to help you live a lot of life and become healthier than your feet.

Manufacturing is made by the Tabi manufacturer Maru Five, Ltd., in Kuraki, Okayama Prefecture, which was founded on May 4, 1919 (Daishō 8) and started in 2019, 100 years.
Maru Goto fused fibers and vulcanized rubber in 1919 to create Tabi.
It is a company that continues to inherit traditions and continue to create new values.


• Size expansion: 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 1cm (incubation)

• Upper material: cotton polyester

• Outsole Materials: Synthetic Rubber (VIBRAM CITY PLUS)

·Color: 2 Color (Black/Black, Black/Mustard)

• One foot weight: 179g (for 25cm)

• Sales price: 15,800 yen (exempt from tax)

• Producing countries: China (the company’s own factory in Maru Five)


Q. Why is it 1cm incised rather than 0.5cm incised?

Because it is possible to adjust the size of the back and forth by adopting the heel part of the heel, it can adjust the size of about 2cm around and after. So pick it at the size closest to the usual shoe size. Example) If you usually have 25.5cm, choose 26.

Q. I am worried about whether to fit my legs because I am wide.

A. When you foot, you feel a little tight, but you don't think it's problematic because you're using polyester knit mesh that stretches and shrinks in all directions to the part of the armor. But if you don’t fit, you can only size it once (see for shipping).

Q. There's a toe left.

A. Toe is left because it is a form of holding the toe, but if you are worried, please adjust it with the heel and part of the heel.

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