ASHINAKA #02 / Deep Red
ASHINAKA #02 / Deep Red
ASHINAKA #02 / Deep Red
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ASHINAKA #02 / Deep Red

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'ASHINAKA#02' is reproduced Ashinaka which is Japanese traditional shoes as today's room shoes which is easy to care for, on the purpose of making modern people's toes stronger.


Japanese Ashinaka had been used since the Kamakura era, but nowadays the western type of shoes has taken a leading role even in Japan.


Along with that human toes is making less strength.


We hope our product 'ASHINAKA#02' helps your toes' strength to be recovered


[Pirepose to use]

This product is for indoor use. Please use it at your own risk if you would like to use it outside.


[Usage time]

On the first day, keep the usage time within 10 minutes, and after the second day, if there is no pain or discomfort in your legs, extend it by 10 minutes each day. If you experience pain, discontinue use immediately and resume use when the pain is gone. Please use it again within 10 minutes after restarting.


[How to use correctly]

You can wear it on either side(left/right).

The best position is as shown in the picture, where you can grasp the edge of the foot with five fingers.

If that is not possible due to your foot shape, wear it in a position where you can grasp it with your little finger (fifth toe).


It is more important to hold your little finger than your thumb. You don't have to hold firmly. It is enough to touch the edge lightly.


Please use the heel firmly attached to the floor without floating.


Despite those who are usually used to high heels, the position where your Achilles tendon is stretched will be in a position where it can be stretched carefully.

If you use it with the heel floating, it may damage your Achilles tendon.


First of all, it is important to acquire the habit of capturing the ground with your toes.

Walk as you gently place your entire foot under the body.


Currently, most people have floating fingers (it means where they are not touching the ground).


Stand straight ahead and insert a postcard between the hard floor and the little toe. If you enter without resistance, it is a floating finger. First of all, let's aim for the fifth toe to be on the ground at least when standing barefoot.


[How to care]

When it becomes dirty, please wash your hands with warm water. To prevent the deterioration of the material, we recommend that you do not use detergent as much as possible. If you use a detergent, dilute the neutral detergent with water and then rinse thoroughly. Avoid high-temperature conditions such as a dryer, and dry in well-ventilated shade.


[Notes regarding shipping]

If your delivery destination is not domestic of Japan, custom duty may be added to the total purchase amount. Please contact us for more information.