Tabi type high socks (Mustard) : ORIGINAL#01 exclusive

Tabi type high socks (Mustard) : ORIGINAL#01 exclusive

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(1) The shape of the tabi makes it easy to put pressure on the toes.
(2) Three-dimensional structure that is hard to shift.
(3) Forefoot and heel are made of non-slip material.
(4) Loose-fitting design, not constrictive.
(5) Antibacterial and deodorant material

Loosened the tightness to the extreme for maximum comfort!

The world is full of compression socks that are very tight.

The reason why there are so few socks with loose tightness is that it is actually more difficult to make them.

After many prototypes, we were able to create a sock that was loose fitting but had a good fit.

It is manufactured by Cooma Corporation in Matsubara City, Osaka.

Cooma Corporation is a genuine manufacturer of socks, and of course they are Made in Japan, produced in their main factory in Osaka.


The entire sock is made of a thin material, a mixture of cotton, acrylic, and nylon, etc.

The thinness of the fabric keeps it from getting stuffy and keeps it feeling dry, which also contributes to its comfort.

You can wear them like loose socks, piling them up at the ankle, and your ankles will be warm.

In addition, although it is hard to see in the picture, anti-slip is also placed on the soles of the feet in the forefoot and heel areas.

The anti-slip material is not a rubber material, but a cotton and nylon weave that produces an anti-slip effect, so there is no discomfort at all, and it is a natural anti-slip using conventional materials.

Although it says "ORIGINAL#01 exclusive", you can of course wear them with other shoes, and they are also great to wear when running.
It is thin but durable, and the length is long enough to reach below the knee, so it can be used as a calf sleeve.
It's thin, so you can layer it with tights.

I think black and gray can be used for business as usual.

38% cotton, 38% acrylic, 14% nylon, 7% polyester, 3% polyurethane

S (22-24cm), M (24-26cm), L (26-28cm)



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